Produced by Agro-industrial holding "Dobronravov AGRO"


Navlinsky Grain Complex

The enterprise is located on an area of 24 hectares, owns 5.7 km of railway tracks, auto and railway scales, a laboratory and a complex of buildings and structures necessary for the production activities of Dobronravov Agro ABH


  • Acceptance, cleaning, drying, in the region of 2-3 thousand tons per day
  • One-time storage of 50 thousand tons
  • Shipment to railway wagons 720 tons per day
  • Truck shipments 2 thousand tons per day
  • Liquid fertilizer warehouse 5 thousand tons
  • Unloading wagons with fertilizers (big bags) 1000 tons per day
  • Unloading wagons in bulk 700 tons

Address: Bryansk region, Navlya settlement, st. 1st of May. e 1

Contact person, head Makarichev Alexander Vladimirovich 8 (900) 360-63-74

Production base in Litovnia

Potato storage, refrigerators – year-round storage capacity of 23 thousand tons of potatoes

Daily shipments of washed/dirty potatoes in big bags 200 tons

Address: Bryansk region, Navlinsky district, Litovnya settlement

Contact person, head Dyachkova Antonina Nikolaevna 8 (950) 690-40-00

Production base in Chichkovo

Potato storage, refrigerators – year-round storage capacity of 32 thousand tons of potatoes.

Daily filling capacities:

40 tons premium segment (3 kg washed potatoes)

80 tons small package 2.5 kg (washed, dirty) - 200 tons of 5 or 25 kg.

Address: Bryansk region, Navlinsky district, Chichkovo settlement

Contact person, head Safronova Svetlana Ivanovna 8 (953) 299-55-34

Production base in Prilepy

Cattle-breeding project for 350 dairy cows

Address: Bryansk region, Navlinsky district, Prilepy settlement

Contact person, head Kondaleev Gennady Yurievich 8 (920) 865-99-52

Production base in Yelnya

Address: Smolensk region, Elninsky district, Staroe Ustinovo settlement
Contact person, head Ogurtsov Ivan Vladimirovich 8 (900) 699-00-95

CropProtection LLC

dealer (in the Bryansk and Smolensk regions) of manufacturers of plant protection products of companies: August, Bayer, Syngenta, Listera and a number of others.
We not only sell plant protection products, we sell technology, we show by example how to succeed with the help of drugs and technology, how to increase our yield and the quality of cultivated crops, how to sell them at a higher price!
Company website
Contact person Skupyako Alexander Viktorovich 8 (906) 500-36-90

DTL transport company

ownership of a fleet of trucks and refrigerated vehicles
Contact person, head Alexander Teplov 8 (950) 699-06-82