The area of ​​potato cultivation in APH Dobronravov Agro is 2,500 hectares with an average yield of 40 tons per hectare, while 250 hectares of seed plots not lower than the "elite" class are separately cultivated. The farm annually purchases up to 800 tons of seed potatoes of the "super elite" and "elite" class.

Specialized storage facilities with a microclimate and refrigerators, controlled gas environment allow you to store and ship potatoes all year round.

The main directions of cultivation:

  • retail chains (production volume 50,000 tons): packaging production, which allows you to wash, calibrate and pack vegetable products in any type of packaging (daily packaging capacity is more than 800 tons);
  • chips (production capacity 45,000 tons): year-round storage and shipping (daily capacity 200 tons);
  • fries;
  • starch.

Contact number: +7 (953) 299-55-37 Dobronravov Dionis Dmitrievich



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