Plant protection products


The high yield of agricultural crops is based almost equally on an excellent seed fund and properly selected agricultural technology, as well as a well-thought-out crop protection. And the realities of the modern world for growing crops are such that obtaining a rich and high-quality crop, as well as its preservation, is almost impossible without the correct use of plant protection products.

Of all the protection tools available to farmers, the most effective way of protection is the use of chemicals. Working with chemical plant protection products requires a competent thoughtful approach and the use of qualified personnel.

Agro-industrial holding Dobronravov Agro uses plant protection products from well-established manufacturers on its fields.

On the market of the Russian Federation, these are well-known world brands Bayer, Syngenta, Upl, which remained after the imposition of sanctions, as well as large Russian manufacturers such as JSC Firma August, LLC Listerra, LLC Soyuzagrokhim, JSC Shchyolkovoagrohim, the quality of the products of the latter is getting better every year better and better.

As part of ensuring the continuity of supplies, as well as guaranteeing the quality of marketable products, our agricultural holding works directly with manufacturing companies. For these purposes, the enterprise LLC CROP PROTECTION, which, in addition to the supply function for our company, also sells high-quality plant protection products on the side on favorable terms for agricultural producers.

Along with chemical plant protection products, our company is beginning to actively use biological agents.

For more information about the agricultural chemistry used in the APH, please call: +7 (906) 500-36-90 Aleksandr Viktorovich Skupyako