Livestock farming "Dobronravov AGRO"

 Currently, the breeding of Holstein-Friesian cattle is becoming more and more relevant. At the beginning of 2015, we got an old, obsolete farm - 70 cows, 50 of which are dairy herds. At the beginning of 2023, we managed to grow the herd to 250 milking heads and 170 young animals.

Our business areas:

  • raising and fattening young cattle;
  • subsequent sale of young steers for meat;
  • production and sale of milk;
  • Production and sale of straw and hay.

Contact phone: +7 ( 920) 865-99-52 Gennady Yurievich Kondaleev


KRS APH Dobronravov AGRO       KRS APH Dobronravov AGRO       KRS APH Dobronravov AGRO


In 2019, the whole herd has been upgraded to beautiful Holsteins! Mothers calve and begin to give milk. We already have 24 beautiful calves. And what delicious milk can not be described in words!