Agro-industrial holding APH "Dobronravov Agro" -
family business since 2006


Our production


Cultivation of potatoes and subsequent storage with a microclimate and a controlled environment, which allows you to store and ship potatoes all year round.

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Design work on the construction of a seed plant is underway.

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Cultivation of oilseeds: winter rapeseed and soybeans, on an area of over 8,000 hectares.

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Plant protection products

We use plant protection products from well-established manufacturers on our fields.

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Animal husbandry

Cultivation of Holstein-Friesian cattle for the production and sale of milk and meat.

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Growing cereals - winter wheat and corn, and oilseeds - winter rapeseed and soybeans.

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Cultivation of flax using modern technologies and productive varieties that provide good yields.

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Geography of work

Bryansk Region

Bryansk region Navlinsky district. Activity since 2006. The area of cultivation in 2023 is about 18 thousand hectares. Crops: potatoes, rapeseed, wheat, soybeans, corn.

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Смоленская область

Smolensk region Elninsky district. Activity since 2021. The area of cultivation in 2023 is about 5 thousand hectares. Crops: rapeseed, wheat, flax.

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